The Purple Piano Project: Glee is on FIRE

Or just flaming. Either way.

Those of you who tuned into my rants last year know that this isn’t going to be so much a recap as a reaction. And obviously, full to the brim of spoilers.

So many feelings about the Season 3 premier. Most of them are good.

Let’s start with how happy I am with Sue. Sue, last season, went way over the top. Which seems like a given, because she is, but it was the wrong kind of OTT when she was pretending to torture Artie or marrying herself. She’s at her best when she has a grand plan and sticks with it. Come to think of it, so is Glee.

Kurt and Blaine are both at McKinley, now. I’ve had mixed feelings about this. I adore a capella¬†music, so I am very, very sad to see the Warblers go, but now that it’s done? I couldn’t be more delighted. Kurt and Blaine at the lockers, Kurt and Blaine in the back of the choir room, Kurt and Blaine hugging in the corridors, Kurt fangirling with Rachel while Blaine knocks out a Tom Jones number surrounded by gyrating Cheerios. Glee is in no danger of losing its “gayest show in television” pink bedazzled trophy anytime soon.

And about It’s Not Unusual. I’d heard it before the show and was underwhelmed. Darren Criss’ voice did not seem totally suited to the song, but combined with the performance, it didn’t fall short at all. Dude can perform. Oh! And Finn jealousy. Fun times ahead.

I would like to be Coach Bieste’s date to the senior prom, okay? And she has to make that pig noise for me once an hour, just because it’ll make me snort punch out my nose.

Will needs to get over himself as the arbiter of the dreams of teenagers. He’s so not. But he and Emma are cavity sweet and, for me, a symbolic return to the energy of Season 1, so I’m happy for them, and for the rest of us that we might escape Will’s revolving door of bizarre companions for a while.

Oh and let’s talk about Hummelberry (Kurt and Rachel). This is the only bad feeling I have from the whole episode. I feel like I wished reality on them and it made them cry! Oh, no, my heart could barely stand their crushed egos. But, wow, Lindsay Pearce from The Glee Project gave the best performance in the entire episode with Anything Goes, which really explained the incredible boring of the number Rachel and Kurt rehearsed. One of those “OH! So it was supposed to be underwhelming” moments. I see what you did there, Glee.

I was so happy to see Jacob back. I do think he’s woefully ignored, and I don’t know why. He’s a fantastic character. Also, sadly a senior it seems, so this season will be the last of him too. I hope they bring in a similar character.

We’ll not talk a lot about Brittany and my time travel kink. Not until I’ve had a drink. With newQuinn, preferably.

Oh, and thoughts on Sue blackmailing Santana? “You like to play both sides, don’t you?” and suddenly Santana’s back to being Sue’s minion? Do we think Sue actually has a clue, or that Santana just took her comment the wrong way and thinks Sue knows?


2 thoughts on “The Purple Piano Project: Glee is on FIRE

  1. I am so tired of Rachael!! I love her voice and couldn’t imagine New Directions without out it…but the character is so stupid. I hate how in the season 3 premiere when she talks to Quinn like they were once friends, when? maybe when she was trying to steal her boyfriend in both seasons! I get that Quinn didn’t do the best thing to Finn that was awful but she has changed. All Rachael ever cares about is getting her way and personally can’t wait till she leaves. the other characters i love each of them! I am sorry if your a Rachael fan but she just annoys me so much!!

  2. lol I am a huge Rachel fan. But I don’t take offense because other people aren’t! And I’m just mad about Kurt and Rachel friendship. They’re so good for each other.

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