The Glee Project: We have a winner (let’s talk)

Seriously, here be spoilers. But not really, because it has aired.

I’m in the process of watching the show, but it strikes me that the show is much less interesting now that we know who our new Glee star is going to be. I wonder how may words I need to write before I include the results so that they don’t show up in the RSS feed? As much as I dislike calling stuff that’s aired already “spoilers” I don’t want to ruin anyone else’s fun.

Surely that’s enough rambling.

So what do you guys think? I’m happy/sad, as you will all have guessed (at least those of you who’ve been following my recaps). Delighted for Damian and still kind of annoyed about Samuel. But, we’ll wait and see. I don’t see him fitting on Glee, but maybe that’s the point.

I’m in love with Max Adler pointing out how awesome Alex would be on Glee. Because he’s brave, and unusual and vulnerable and the kind of person who simply isn’t represented anywhere.

Having not seen the episode in its entirety, I don’t have that much to comment on, and it feels all so irrelevant now that the winners are known. I’m dying to hear what you guys thought.

Also, are the Klaine love triangle and Irishofsky things just overactive Tumblr-imaginations? Or is there some basis for these musings?


2 thoughts on “The Glee Project: We have a winner (let’s talk)

  1. I think I enjoyed this episode more than all the rest, maybe because after 10 weeks I was weary of all the tension and drama.

    I am very happy with the results. I’ve been pulling for Damian since that first wink he gave during the “Firework” video they did at the beginning. I’m sure some folks are saying that RM changed the rules by naming two winners; but hey, it’s his show so he can do whatever he wants. ~shrug~ I thought the consolation prize (2 episode arc) for Lindsay and Alex was a nice touch. It ended the show on a happy and satisfactory note.

    I was also happy to see the group reunited for the final show, another nice touch

    Can I say how much I hate Nikki? She will praise them in one breath and then say to Lindsay, “You can have the best voice in the world, but if you don’t have heart, it’s not going to connect.” And to Damian she says, “Out of the final four competitors here, you are not the best singer, dancer, or actor, but that’s OK because ultimately this is about finding the person that Ryan and the other writers want to create a role for. So your challenge is to make sure that you can outshine them.” And then to all of them, “Everything that you guys do and say on the stage tonight could make a difference between winning a role that will change your life forever, or going home.” Geez! Pressure much? I think she could have phrased what she had to say a little more gently…but I guess that’s Hollywood for you.

    My favorite part of the show was when Ryan announced “Damian, you have also won The Glee Project” and seeing Darren jumping up and down like a fanboy. 

    Irishofsky? Really? Oh, lord.

    Only 29 more days until Season 3!

  2. I’m still waiting to see the whole ep!

    I actually like Nikki, even though I didn’t at the beginning.

    It’ll be two weeks before this episode airs in Ireland, so I’m waiting not-so-patiently.

    And yeah, Irishofsky has a few entries on Tumblr now! Also, apparently Alex has mentioned that maybe he’ll be Karofsky’s love interest. I’m all for Karofsky having a love interest, regardless who it is. Although I’d rather it not be a 2 episode thing. For Karofsky’s sake.

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