Glee Project Spoilers (yes I said spoilers. Don’t look!)

The finale is next week! So I wanted to talk about spoilers. Don’t look if you don’t want to see spoilers. Seriously, don’t look.

So, before I started watching it, I saw this spoiler that said that Samuel is the one to win The Glee Project. So, the whole way through, I’ve kept my eyes on him as the possible winner of The Glee Project. If you’re reading my recaps or ramblings or whatever they are, you’ll know I’m not a huge fan. I don’t dislike the guy — it’s just that he doesn’t seem to be very Glee. I’d probably buy his records, because dude can sing. And I like his style. I just don’t see it fitting into Glee.

A lot, and I mean, a lot, of people are coming up with proofs that Damian wins. From his flights, his tweets, his Facebook postings, etc.

So… what have you seen? Or does no one else want to be spoiled?


13 thoughts on “Glee Project Spoilers (yes I said spoilers. Don’t look!)

  1. In the comments on Alex’s latest blog, there was this comment:

    “SPOILER ALERT… so I don’t know if I’m the only one who saw the interview with Samuel, Alex, and Lindsey but the guy interviewing said so we know you three don’t win. So does that mean Damian wins :D!? It was on youtube if you want to check it out.”

    I can’t find the video that this was from, so I’m not sure about the context.

  2. It is obvious that Samuel is totally gonna win.

    Samuel represents the missing glee underdog, the rebel guy with free spirit and killing eyes. Just think about it, there is no one like him on Glee yet. Which would provide more variety to the program-not to mention that he is highly attractive to the public.

    Alex…He would be too much for the show. Its too mixed!!! Is an intermingling of many things that remain on the show. An overweight extravagant black gay guy with a diva attitude?!?! Come on!!!! We have plenty of that in Glee. Apart of all, Ryan does not seem to like him very much…

    Lindsay: There are enough women in the cast. Not to mention that nobody seems to like her. Its everything about a audience and ratings, baby.

    And Damian, even if he could represent the new heart-breaker with a lovely european accent unfortunately he is not attractive enough for TV and has no stage presence at all!!!

    Actually it was Cameron who was destined to win, BUT HE QUIT AND THAT´s WHY DAMIAN KEEPS ON THE RACE. Ryan Murphy repeatedly expressed their liking in to make him a character. And he was always being protected by everyone!!! ¬ ¬


  3. Let me begin with : I wish the producers would hire all 12–to varying degrees this season–and then bring in Matteus, Ellis, and Makenzie etc… in season 4 after the graduations…

    Samuel is very talented, but I don’t see him as another underdog. He has all the confidence of Puckerman. I don’t dislike the guy, but he does not come across as vulnerable.

    Nor does Lindsey.

    Alex is very talented as a singer, but uneven as an actor. And he has come across in interviews as a diva who is not a team player.

    If I were going to hang out with anyone, I would have wanted it to be Cameron, Hannah, and Damian… all very human, funny, and vulnerable.

    As noted on show 9, Damian takes direction well and has been constantly improving. I would love for him to win–but if not, I hope he is brought in in season 4.

    Again, I wish the producers would hire all 12–to varying degrees this season–and then bring in Matteus, Ellis, and Makenzie etc… in season 4 after the graduations…

    On a side note, I have one small criticism–why do Cameron and Samuel dance like t-rexs on a rampage–arms pinned to the sides and flailing while they stomp out prey?

  4. Ok — there are photos of Lindsay on the set of Glee already. Didn’t they say that the winner wouldn’t be on set until Monday?

    There weren’t many suspicions anyway that Lindsay would win,but still, closer to the answer. Can’t wait!

  5. “Apparently, they’re giving a few of the non-winners some small cameos, so this doesn’t necessarily mean she won.”

    I’m going to hang on to this comment….

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