The Glee Project: Believability (The Glee Project becomes X Factor)

I cannot believe Ryan Murphy axed Hannah. She’s not the strongest singer, no, but she is far more Glee than either Lindsay or Samuel will ever be. Oh, and she can act. But that seems to not be the priority.

Everyone did a great job performing “True Colors” (the homework assignment). Jenna Ushkowitz was lovely and gracious as this week’s mentor and she chose Hannah. The thing is, everyone on this show loves Hannah. Ryan Murphy, Robert Ulrich and Zach Woodlee all seem to have epic crushes on her. And why wouldn’t they? She’s funny, sweet and completely authentic. When they say nice things to her, she skips off the stage, only to find out later that they’ve decided The Glee Project is really a talent show after all, and they’ll just pick the best singers instead of the actors who will steal the hearts of Glee viewers.

I completely agreed with Ryan Murphy when he told Samuel that he was the least relatable of the group. He’s attractive, slick and talented. He could be a rock star, and best of luck to him. But then he did exactly what he needed to do to catch Ryan Murphy’s attention. He started talking about Jesus. Apparently, he has a Jesus tattoo on the back of his neck. Today, he tweeted several times about how much he loves Jesus. Ryan Murphy’s hard-on about Christian kids is starting to make me a bit nuts. By all means, write a Christian character, but pick someone who can act instead of picking someone based on their faith.

Samuel also discussed his comment about not wanting to be written as a gay character on Glee (why hasn’t fandom jumped down his throat like they did to  Todrick Hall?) because his parents are “such conservative Christians”. I tweeted him today to see if he actually disagrees with his parents on that point, but I wasn’t graced with a reply. Perhaps I should tweet “OMG I LUV JEBUS 2” and cross my fingers.

There was some drama in the recording studio as Alex broke down about his father, who died when Alex was only 6. Because there is a line in the song about a dad and because they were being told to get in touch with their pain, this was probably pretty genuine. But then — oh, then — he left the studio and talked to everyone else about his breakdown and how great Nikki Anders (the vocal mentor) was about it (and she was). So Lindsay went in and pulled on her trying-to-not-cry face and then started on about how much she misses home, and didn’t fool anybody.

The video was Paramore’s “The Only Exception”. It was set in a library, with each contestant longing after another who is longing after another until it comes full circle. Hannah seriously let herself down here, allowing herself to be distracted by her crush on Damian (how hard do I ship these two? HARD) and not really showing much longing towards Alex. Alex, on the other hand, who has never shown any real acting chops managed to shock and amaze everyone with his longing look. Damian did really well, too. Samuel and Lindsay were the weakest in the video, even though they almost always do really well.

And that’s how Hannah ended up in the bottom three against the two strongest singers in the competition. Samuel gave a cracking performance of Neon Trees’ “Animal” and then put on a ridiculous “look at me, I can be Russell Brand” accent and started talking about Jesus. Lindsay sang “Maybe This Time” from Cabaret which was legit perfect for her, and then spoke about how being adopted and having little in common with her family has made her feel like she has to be perfect at everything. Hannah had a terrible song by someone I’ve never heard of and it didn’t suit her voice (I’d love to hear Hannah sing some Jewel) and she was sweet and perfect and was cut.

I’m now firmly in camp Damian, because, hey, it’d be awesome to have an Irish kid in Glee. The Irish really are massive Gleeks. He’s also super cute and looks young enough that he should be able to pull off a high school role for a couple more years. He’s awkward, expressive and has a lovely, deep voice.

What did you guys think?


3 thoughts on “The Glee Project: Believability (The Glee Project becomes X Factor)

  1. I had a lot of things to say about the episode…and then you posted and it all became redundant. 🙂

    An out loud LOL at “OMG I LUV JEBUS 2″! Damian seems to be the only one who responds and retweets anything (and everything, it seems).

    I was seriously disappointed to see Hannah get the ax. She has been consistently better than the others, but I guess they’re not looking for consistent here.

    Lindsay was her usual self. She did better for Ryan than she did in the video. Her facial expressions in the video did not match the power she put into the song.

    Alex did do extremely well in this episode, but I still am not convinced he’s the right choice for the show. And I’m not feeling it for Sam either at this point…a little too much kissing up to Ryan for my taste, not that that has anything to do with the performances.

    So, as I’ve been from the beginning, I’m pulling for Damian.

    The song Hannah sang for Ryan was “Back to December” by Taylor Swift. It’s pretty popular here in the states. Not one of my favorites, but then I’m not a big Swift fan.

    Based on the previews for next week, it looks like the rules are getting changed. Maybe there will be two winners? I wouldn’t put it past Murphy to reshuffle the deck.

  2. L. M. A. O. at “Ryan Murphy’s hard-on about Christian kids”. But it’s SO true. You don’t need a die-hard Christian actor to play a die-hard Christian character. Isn’t that the whole point of ACTING? You’re ACTING out a part? You don’t need to actually BE that character. Look at Glee’s gays. Darren = straight. Naya = straight. Heather = straight. Max = straight. The guy who plays the creeper who sold Chronic Lady weed = straight. But they all play gay people. So why do you need a christian actor to play a christian character?! Ryan Murphy is known for his blatant inconsistency, but that’s just kind of…idiocy. Hell, you can make Alex one of those conservative christian gays on the show, and he could DO that because he’s ACTING. Ergh. Gets me so riled up.
    On another note, I 100% agree with EVERYTHING here. I wanted Hannah to win – she’s so sweet, and so kind, and actually a good singer & a great actress. (10 points to whoever flat ironed her hair in last week’s episode – she looked stunning.) She was the LAST person I expected to get cut. I’ve been pulling for the judges to get over Lindsay’s insincere drama face for a while now, and I’d really love to see Alex on Glee (he’s like Kurt & Mercedes’ love child) but he seems too inconsistent, always wavering between the humbled scared gay boy and the flamboyant cocky asshole no one likes. And Damian is so charming, but I think the main reason people like him/want him to win is because of his accent. Not saying that’d be a bad reason, but I think he rides on his ability to charm the pants off people with his sexy Irishness. And Samuel…eh.
    As wallelf ^ pointed out, Hannah sang “Back to December” by Taylor Swift. I personally LOVE that song – Taylor Swift has got a completely gorgeous voice – but I don’t really think it was necessarily her cup of tea. I think the judges gave her that song so she’d flop, but that’s just me.

  3. I think the judges gave her that song so she’d flop, but that’s just me.

    Nope, not just you! I felt that way myself. I mean, “Animal” and “Maybe Next Time” were perfect for the other two. “Back to December” did nothing for Hannah. That’s part of what annoyed me. I felt like they set her up to go home.

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