Glee fanon that should become canon

So, I’ve been thinking (this is when I get dangrous).

We all know about my Greasemonkey!Kurt thing — which, I suppose, is actually canon, although off camera. But I read a lot of fanfic and I know some of you do too.

What are the things that exist in fanfic and not on the show that you’d really like to see happen in the show?

I’ll start off with Blaine and Santana being BFFs. Has to happen.

I am not alone


8 thoughts on “Glee fanon that should become canon

  1. I’ll have to ponder this, but I will say – I’ve definitely found some fanfic that made me better understand (or give at least SOME plausible explanation for) the characters’ actual canon actions. Various people have created really thoughtful backstories for Blaine, for example.

    (In a completely non-serious vein, I would enjoy the heck out of more Ontario-the-exotic-dancer, which while technically part of a canon show, was obviously fanon in the extreme on Colfer’s part and will never be mentioned again. But man, if that wasn’t the most fun, crazy day I’ve ever spent in fandom. Good times…)

  2. I would really like it if we met Blaine’s parents and cemented that his character is half Filipino. I know that Darren Criss is, and fandom seems to have grabbed that and run with it, and I just think it would be nice.

  3. Crazy Wes and David, like they are in lots of fanfics (CP Couture’s Dalton, for example)would be awesome! Actually, more of Wes and David being Blaine’s best friends. It seems to be the case in most fanfics, but it’s never been established in canon…

  4. Oh yes! Crazy, scheming Wes and David. Love that.

    And yeah, I’m dying to have Blaine backstory, and that includes — for me — meeting his parents — or at least his dad. Will be interesting to see if they don’t make his parents both white.

  5. Rachel mentioned that if she and Blaine had kids they would be “vaguely eurasion-looking” so I’m sure they’ve incorporated Darren Criss’ background…

  6. I really like the close Karofsky-Santana friendship that happens a lot in fanfic as a result of their time hanging out as one-another’s beards… I think everyone wants Santana to have a close friend!!!

  7. That’s so funny — because almost everything I was thinking of was very Kurt/Blaine centric, I never even considered that it could be all about Santana. 🙂

    *sigh. I’m reading Mary Flanner’s Sally Meets Harry and thinking — I’d love a Glee AU canon. Like, hallucinations or something where they imagine it the way it didn’t happen. It’d all be very Ally McBeal.

  8. I’d like it if Blaine transferred to Mckinley. As much as I would miss the Warblers I think this would give them a LOT to do in the writing room, and it would be neat to see Kurt being the one to show Blaine the ropes in a new environment.

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