Glee New York: Magic, mostly.


Also, I want his shoes.

For a show full of people who have worked and worked and worked to get where they are, it’s amazing how they portray their characters being totally clueless that arriving at a national competition without any songs prepared (or even written) may be the cause of their (not entirely catastrophic, actually) failure.

And it’s not like their teacher clues them in either.

But Nationals was an episode full of win for me, and my own little loves.

I love Rachel and Kurt as friends more than I love anything else on the show. Even more than Klaine. And the idea of the two of them running off to NYC to become famous when they finish school just makes me so incredibly happy. And my little Klaine shipping heart loved when Kurt mentioned that he’d already discussed it with Blaine. And that Blaine was totally on board.

And when they said their “I love you”s, it was almost all the magic the episode needed to stall my annoyance at the competition plot fail. Almost all the magic, because Sam and Mercedes (SAMCEDES!) provided that last little drop of magic for me.


10 thoughts on “Glee New York: Magic, mostly.

  1. It’s about damned time Mercedes got a boyfriend. I don’t even have a preference on who it is, though it’s nice to see her with a conventionally attractive dude. She is gorgeous and strong and loveable and she needs more of the spotlight in this show.

  2. (Just found this site, and am delighted to find someone thinking/writing intelligently about this show!)

    I thought the show was fine — I agree that the Rachel/Kurt segment was the most enjoyable — but am I over-analyzing when I think Kurt had a funny and not-quite-right look on his face when Blaine told him “I love you”?

    I just really expected more ZING! from that moment for Kurt… Or maybe he’s just growing up a little? I mean, two weeks ago he was all aflutter when Blaine said he’d go to prom with him, and now he just takes “I love you” like it’s par for the course…

    But then, I am not a fan of “Klaine” so much…

    I also thought we were going to get something a bit more dynamic out of Quinn’s Big Plan for NYC trip and some sort of momentum on Brittana…

    And who am I kidding? It couldn’t be a total win for me because Karofsky has been out of action for two weeks…

  3. Oh, I read Kurt’s face so completely differently. I think he was just stunned, because Blaine’s declaration literally came out of nowhere. I don’t know if Kurt acted like it was “par for the course”… but maybe he took it a bit more seriously than prom, because it is.

    And CC always says that he plays Kurt as really internal, so I think it does make sense that he’d process it first before really responding.

    But I’m a total Klaine shipper, so that’s my bias!

    I’m actually delighted they didn’t try and wrap up Karofsky’s storyline just yet. It’s too soon, and I want them to be taking his story really seriously.

  4. Oh, I’m not ready for them to wrap up Karofsky’s story, either, I just always like a little DK in my Glee! (and I’m still wondering what happened to him after he ran out of the dance…)

    The problems I have with Klaine are a)Blaine does not interest me at all, yet; such a unicorn, so impossibly composed and smooth and confident. I need to know something more about this guy than “pretty, out and proud” before I am comfortable that he’s good enough for Kurt; and b) I don’t get ANYthing sexy between them. I feel like Blaine grew to be so fond of Kurt and liked him so much that he overlooked the fact that he has never (that we’ve seen) felt any sexual attraction for him. I could have vomited at Regionals when Kurt was nervous and Blaine blithely declared Kurt “Adorable.” Yuck.

    But maybe my sense that there is a lack of sexual spark between them is in large part the fault of the writers/network that allow us to see the romance and puppy love but not the lust between two really hot boys?

    I think I just need to know more about Blaine.

    And get over my thing with Karofsky…

  5. Warning: Cheesiness ahead, seriously.

    I’m not necessarily a Klaine shipper but I am def. a Kurt/Happiness shipper.

    You know, it’s interesting. I identify with Kurt in massive ways, and when I was watching that scene, I think I must have held my breath until Kurt said ‘I love you too’, because I think I was so stunned that those words were said, and what a huge thing that was for a 16-year-old romantic kid.

    When I re-watch the scene, yeah, now that I know what happens, the pause seems oddly long and his expression seems somewhat restrained, but I gotta tell you, the first time I saw it, I thought it was just perfect, because I was really feeling it, the shock and surprise and wonder, and omg is this really happening, and did he just say that, and I’m playing it cool, but he really saw me being really who I am and loves me because of that, and am I ready for this, Yes…
    …and I think it was perfect for Kurt.

  6. I need Blaine backstory, now, I really do. Partly because I identify with Blaine’s parental alienation thing he has going on, and I’d like to see that represented in the show.

    But that kiss! To me, it was so hungry — not a chaste, puppy love kiss at all.

    I’m really invested in Karofsky’s storyline too. As a queer person, I feel like closeted people are part of our community too, and as hurt by a homophobic society as the rest of us, even if they are playing their own part in it.

  7. Yes! I can definitely sail the good ship Kurt/Happiness. Although I do love it when he cries…

    I still think there is something unspoken and not-all-good in Kurt’s response to Blaine’s declaration. The long delay, the way his eyes shift across Blaine’s face in an almost panicky way, and then the fact that he says “I love you too” in a very fast, conspicuously casual way. I just don’t think that’s Crazy In Love Kurt happening there. He is holding back, holding himself in — his eyes are not reaching out to Blaine, but guarding.

    It might just be that he’s scared, or it could be something else that we’ll find out top of the hour next season, but I think there’s something.

    I think their kiss was okay, largely due to the WAIT. It was awesome in the moment, and I danced around my living room and watched it about 50 times (THE HAND!!!), and I truly hope I’m wrong, because Kurt deserves the hot hot; god knows there are enough people out here in the world who want to PERSONALLY give Kurt/CC the hot hot (hello, #3 on After Elton!), so there’s an audience waiting to gobble it up if/when they’re willing to show a couple of boys laying on a bed making out (or even sitting in a bedroom TALKING about it like Brittana).

  8. The kiss is hotter upon re-watch. Seriously. Tumblr close-ups have ABSOLUTELY convinced me of this.

    Kurt / unspoken – could very well be. Again, as a non-klaine shipper, I feel confident that in the end Kurt will find happiness and make the decisions that are right for him. That may be without Blaine, and as far as I’m concerned, *shrug*.

    I can’t wait until they get back to Karofsky’s storyline, either. You know, it’s funny, half of every glee episode, I just feel like “no one cares about this storyline!” I’m sure everyone feels that way about different parts, though.

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