Chris Colfer talks about anti-gay fans

This isn’t really Glee-related. Except that it’s Chris Colfer and goodgoddamn, he does a magnificent interview. Especially when people ask him questions that aren’t about his voice, or the fact that he’s young, or how he’s spending all his money. (Sometimes I wonder have the interviewers ever watched any other interviews with him, because they all ask the same questions, over and over.)

I really wanted to hear more about him at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner (aka nerdprom). Really, I was hoping for a photo of him and Rachel Maddow, and then I could die very happy. But anyway.

Piers Morgan asks him how he feels when “right wing” commentators and politicians approach him as fans of the show. His answer is pretty perfect.

I worry sometimes — ok, I worry a lot — that younger gay people are losing their connection to politics. That the creeping acceptance that is evidenced by shows like Glee have watered down the sense of need when it comes to the way that LGBT people think and talk about politics. Not so, it seems, for Mr. Colfer, who admits to watching CSPAN and knowing full well who the bigots are when they approach him.

I hope some of those anti-gay people who got photos with him that night get to see this. I want them to see that the gracious young man who accepted their compliments wasn’t unaware. That, not only was he aware of who they were and how they act in the world against him, and justice and fairness, but that he cares. And I hope their heads explode. Spectacularly.

You can watch it here because I can’t embed stuff at the moment, for some reason.


4 thoughts on “Chris Colfer talks about anti-gay fans

  1. I was able to watch the full interview when it finally aired on May 28. I was struck by several things about it. First, by how mature Chris is for a young guy of 21, and by his skill at answering tricky and at-times intrusive questions. He handled them quite well, using humour to deflect, but his guard was obviously up. I too was impressed by his politics – again, so mature for his age. It is said that bigotry can start to crumble once people connect with an actual representative of the group they despise, so I think his strategy with the right-wingers could be effective. I would have a hard time myself not telling people to fuck off. I really like your image of all those right wing heads exploding in Washington! I also realized I felt afraid for him. The world he now appears to occupy seems so dangerous and risky, albeit full of opportunity for someone with his gifts. His story about being mobbed was scary. I just hope he has some good friends and advisors who can help keep him focussed and grounded.

  2. Yes, it was a wonderful interview.

    I’m actually writing a post today about it, and about the alleged DC kiss at one of the shows. Both terrified me.

    What always saddens me is when he’s asked about dating and he seems quite genuine when he says he has no idea. Because he’s never had the chance to date normally and wow, dating now must be a total nightmare. Can you even imagine?

  3. Yes, it was in those moments during the interview that I felt the most afraid for him, as a human being. How can he have a normal life? I find I am fascinated, and horrified, by the literal “fanaticism” in fans of Glee. The line between admiration and delusion seems to be awfully thin for some people. I am especially horrified when I see that some fans are calling themselves “Mrs. Colfer”, or So and So “Criss”, as if this is remotely flattering in any real sense to these actors. I would be afraid if I was Chris or Darren!

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