Chris Colfer talks about possible “controversial” S3 plot twist

Now where do you think Ryan and Ian and Brad can go for season three, considering how big… I mean, it almost gets to the point where every episode is such a big event. Where do you think they can go in season three? Do you have an idea where they might be going?

I have no idea. I mean, I can only speak for my character, and I know that I’ve certainly been pitching tons of controversial storylines and directions to go in, which I know we’ll see… we’ll see where they go. But I don’t know. Lucky for me, that’s not my job. I mean, thank goodness it’s not. Because I don’t know. It’s awesome that we only have to top ourselves.

Alright, give me a possible controversial storyline, if you don’t mind, that you’ve pitched.

Ohhhhh… I can’t tell you… I can’t tell you because I’m really pushing for one, and I can’t tell you because I know if I tell you, then it probably won’t come true, but it’s really good.

Anything you’ve pitched and gotten rejected?

Not yet. Not yet, no. Well, I mean, I did one like on the tour. I really wanted to fly over the audience in the harness, which they said no to, but other than that, that’s about it.

Yeah, because if Spider-man can’t do it, you can’t do it.

Well I mean, yeah, I know. Exactly. I mean, it’s the same insurance policy. It shouldn’t be too much for them. But no, I don’t know. Fingers crossed. I’m really hoping for it. It would be controversial, but it’s something that happens every day.

via Chris Colfer on ‘Glee,’ His Many Projects, and How His Sister Keeps Him Humble.

I’m trying to not get nervous over a controversial plot for Kurt. I mean, I like Chris Colfer (at least what I’ve read about him). I think he’s pretty imaginative and rather mature for a 20 year old. But I just have this irrational fear for Kurt. I mean, does he need a lot more drama? Has he not cried enough? Can’t he and Blaine just be happy for a season and let, say, Puck, have something major going on? Or Mercedes?


12 thoughts on “Chris Colfer talks about possible “controversial” S3 plot twist

  1. I said this over on LJ, but it’s worth remembering that pretty much ordinary plot lines (i.e., senior prom losing virginity plotlines, which will surely be all over S3) become controversial simply because Kurt is gay.

    I also think some of the controversy could be related less to Kurt as the central figure of the drama, but regarding Blaine. We’ve got a lot of tantalizing backstory there that hasn’t solidified into a whole and a difficult relationship between queer teens and their parents is common and difficult and something we haven’t had with Kurt’s family situation.

  2. I suppose. Do you think they’d go there with the prom plot? I mean, haven’t most of the characters already had sex?

    I would love to see more about Blaine’s family. I applaud seeing more and more accepting families on television, but I guess (on a personal level) I still long to see my own family experience represented too, as unpretty as it may be. And from a more rational standpoint, it’s nice to be aspirational, but the other kind of story is worth telling too.

  3. I’m pretty sure Tina and Mercedes haven’t. Who else? It would actually be a really nice plot if they did something about people going through that mental process (because not all of us lost our virginities in high school) and Kurt was a part of that narrative just like anyone else.

  4. I’m guessing Sam hasn’t. And Rachel too.

    It would be very interesting if they addressed the idea that nobody actually has a clue what losing your virginity means in a queer context. I mean, a website I write for actually posted a poll — How old were you, etc, and nobody answered. I commented on it that I have no idea, because really, what does that mean? Which activity counts? And then the comments came flooding in, because everyone else was equally confused.

  5. So, I also don’t want to jinx it, but I’ve been thinking about it, and I’d like to propose a hypothesis for this controversial storyline that happens every day in school. Perhaps it ties in with Chris Colfer’s hope that Kurt will “lose it.” Maybe he wants to do a storyline on cutting, or self-injury. Meets both criteria: controversial, and happens every day in schools. Plus, it would definitely involve some major drama!

  6. There’s been plenty on Glee that they don’t joke about. But if Sue Sylvester got wind of it, she’d probably have a field day.

  7. I’m sure that if Kurt was self-injuring, Blaine would discover it, or visa versa. Thus, it wouldn’t involve the couple in “the way we would think,” meaning sexually.

  8. To follow up on my comment that likely appears below this one, it could even create some serious tension in their relationship. Who would be most likely to self-injure is a whole other conversation (and since it’s actually the topic of my dissertation, I could list the factors that tend to lead a person to cutting), but let’s say Kurt is the one who’s self-injuring. Out of concern for Kurt, Blaine would probably tell either Ms. Pillsbury, Mr. Schuester, or Burt, with or without Kurt’s blessing. Kurt would likely feel very angry and betrayed. He’d come around and acknowledge that Blaine did the right thing, but it would take a while. I think that Chris Colfer would love the challenge of grappling with the intense emotions that this storyline would require – especially if Kurt was the one harming himself.

    But to address the likelihood that Kurt would self injure (can’t help myself!)… the more I think about it, the more I feel like he would have the coping skills to regulate his emotions without resorting to this. Plus he grew up with ample emotional support at home- a very critical factor. On the other hand, we don’t know that Blaine had much emotional support growing up, and do know that his relationship with his father is less than ideal. But if I had to pick a member of the New Directions who would be most susceptible to self-injury based on level of emotional support at home and demanding parents, I’d pick Mike Chang.

  9. Yet another comment (and it looks like the blog site is posting them in order afterall):

    I think that the biggest challenge that the writers’ would face in telling this story would be to avoid turning it into an “after school special.” It could be really cheesy if they don’t tell it just right.

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