Canon vs Fanon question: did Kurt board at Dalton?

I’m sure it’ll never be really answered.

But rewatching Rumors last night on UK television, for some reason the fact that Sam delivered pizza to Dalton at night and Kurt was there stuck in my head.

I know in fanon, Dalton is a boarding school and Kurt often boards in fanfic (probably because it makes hookups with Blaine more convenient). But no mention is ever made of it either way — even whether Blaine boards or not — in the show.

Not that I was never in my high school at night. Rehearsals, printers’ deadlines, etc all kept me in school til crazy hours! But yeah, still. It’s rolling around in my head.


10 thoughts on “Canon vs Fanon question: did Kurt board at Dalton?

  1. My head canon has always been that Blaine boards and Kurt doesn’t. Something about Blaine always suggested that independence that comes with being without parents on a daily basis. Also, something about the way Blaine said, “I know Dalton isn’t for everyone,” when the tuition thing came up… I dunno. Head canon doesn’t always explain itself.

    Kurt doesn’t, in my head, also for the simple reason that board tends to be more expensive than only tuition, and the show made a big deal out of how much Dalton costs. And because I can’t imagine Burt sending his son away; I don’t think he’d want that for his kid.

  2. I think my head canon is pretty much the same. Blaine is really that kind of confident isn’t he?

    And I hadn’t thought that way, but you’re right. I can’t imagine Burt would have sent Kurt away, not with everything that was happening. I think in canon, they’ve just shortened the commute between Lima and Westerville.

  3. Blaine is this kind of confident where it’s obvious to anyone but high school boys & girls that he’s faking it. He’s used to relying on himself, used to speaking up and being heard (man, I think there’s a whole meta in how much privilege Blaine has clearly enjoyed that Kurt hasn’t), but really, somewhere, he’s still a scared little boy and looking for someone to say that yes, it’s okay, and yes, he’s on the right track. Or that might be me reading way too much into Darren Criss’ performance, but hey, I’m a fangirl, I’m allowed, right? πŸ™‚

    Burt… is a hands on parent, isn’t he? He’s sort of this guy who hugs his kids first when things go wrong, and then goes and fixes them. And he makes the right choices for Kurt, makes them for Kurt when he needs and lets Kurt decide only when it’s appropriate. (Okay, I’m feeling a meta coming on about Glee, because man, I have Thoughts about this show. When did that happen?) I’ve personally no idea what sort of a commute Westerville-Lima is, because I live in a country where the border is always at most three hours away, so my mileage isn’t set to US distances :). But yes, this is my convoluted, rambly way of saying you’re right, they probably shortened it. πŸ˜›

  4. This whole thing is such a mess, especially if you look at a map. Westerville and Lima are NOT close to each other and the commute would be painful but doable for an adult but makes no sense for a high school kid. And makes no sense for various logistical moments the show gives us. Of course, Dalton and Blaine were never supposed to be as central to the plot as they turned out to be, so I think it’s one of those things that needs to be handwaved into the “musical fantasy” category.

  5. Am reliably informed that Lima – Westerville is the best part of 2 hours. I also live in a teeny tiny country. I’d be less than 3 hours away from the nearest other country.

    Hey, having Thoughts about Glee is pretty much this blog’s raison d’etre. It was also supposed to clear me of my Glee obsession, but it has only served to make it bigger. lol

  6. I sort of promised myself I wouldn’t get into Glee. I’m working on my second fic, having meta-ish thoughts, and play the show’s music on my music player. I think I failed this promise :). I’m sure you’ll see the meta slide across your screen at some point…

  7. True confession: One of my favorite things about Glee fanfic is how much of it is set in a mall near Westerville that I’ve been to a bazillion times because my partner’s family lives near there. I always tell her about it and she’s all “Did they put the stores in the right places?”

  8. I seem to remember one of the writers say it WASN’T a boarding school actually. But I could be wrong, seeing as Blaine at least was there late at night and ordering dinner. It would make sense.

    I think that the ‘boarding school, living without parents’ vibe Blaine gives off could actually come from the fact that his parents just aren’t very present in his life. From what we’ve seen his dad tried to make him straight, then presumably gave up on him after that, and I’d say his mother wouldn’t be much better (given that they’re never even mentioned). I think Blaine’s just learned to get along without them- Burt getting his prom tux, someone else’s dad driving them home from the Sadie Hawkins, etc. etc.

    But if Dalton IS a boarding school (which it seems it might be), Blaine would definitely board. That fits with the Blaine’s parents thing as well: he’s distanced from his parents, they’re not present in his life and either they’ve sent him away or he’s sent himself away to escape that. Kurt doesn’t board, as far as I can tell, because I’m fairly sure there are scenes with Kurt at home on school nights (and he has Pav in his bedroom at home in Original Song).

    But my head canon for the pizza night is that it was after Kurt had left Dalton (whether he boarded or not), and he and Blaine were having a pizza date. Partly just because I desperately want Kurt and Blaine to go on more dates, and for Kurt to see the Warblers more often. If I can’t see them, he at least should.

    Also geography in Gleeland is strange, but we love it.

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