Amber Riley hits Tumblr and talks “No Weave”

We thought it would be honest and funny for me to wear that Tshirt, a lot of ethnic women are not comfortable with or proud of having kinky or curly hair or they’re hair is so difficult to deal with they just wear weaves. I wear weaves on the show to protect my mane, I LOVE MY NATURAL HAIR, but at work I would have to put heat on it everyday and I don’t wear relaxers to keep it straight. I have naturally curly hair so I would never want to put chemicals in it. Next question: was that my natural hair? No, it was a weave we just curled up to look like mine (shout out to the hair department LOL) We were filming three episodes that week and it takes 2 hours for me to take my weave down and wash it and 4 hours to put the weave back in! No time to take a weave down and put it back in, continuity put us in a tough position! So we just curled it up! But I did this blog because I thought it would be cool to show what my natural hair looks like!

via The Born This Way episode was so much fun, my….

When I first saw the “Born This Way” t-shirts and read that Mercedes’ said “No Weave”, I was pretty excited. I was really looking forward to at least a line or two about why she was wearing that as her “something I was uncomfortable with and am ok with now”. It’s not something I know a lot about, but I have other hair issues, and a family member who wonders what she’ll do with her adopted son’s hair as he ages. Right now, he has very little, but it’s growing in tight and curly and she wonders whether she should just keep it very short, or let him grow it out and learn to care for it. So it’s interesting, and I think a tiny storyline would have been really helpful to a lot of people.

And those of you who know how much I worship Kurt should take a seat, right now. I mean it. I mean, maybe they should have cut As if We Never Said Goodbye a bit shorter, and given Mercedes a few lines by way of explanation. And you know, plot.


2 thoughts on “Amber Riley hits Tumblr and talks “No Weave”

  1. I just read every single post on your blog – you have a new devoted follower. You put into words so many of the feelings I have about this show.

  2. Thank you! Any chance you want to write something? Also, you can subscribe so you don’t miss anything 🙂

    Also, what you said was so nice, I almost spammed your comment. That’s how the spammers usually get you… with flattery 🙂

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