High-pitched Kurt inspires a transgender man

Glee provides a positive and uplifting portrayal of a flamboyant gay character. They even gave him a supportive father. Kurt seems to be comfortable with himself, and if that is all a facade, he surely must be comfortable with singing in his natural key. Never before had I seen such a character on TV which I was able to so closely identify with.

I am a transgender man, which means that I was born female, but identify is a man. Also, I like men, so I am a gay man in a female form (or shell). Many transgender people transition, which can include having surgery or taking hormones. I only plan to have surgery to remove my “chests,” if you get the picture. This is my personal choice and views; please know that every transgender person is different.

Because I’m choosing not to take those hormones, however, I’m going to have the same voice I do now. I love to sing and want to try and turn it into a career, but that leaves me as man with a higher pitched voice than the average guy.

Here is where Kurt, played by Chris Colfer, comes in: he’s a man with a higher pitched voice who is making a career out of it… and lots of people love him for it.

read the rest:  A Message Glee Holds For a Transgender Man « 120millimeters.


One thought on “High-pitched Kurt inspires a transgender man

  1. You and I are the same! I don’t want to take hormones either and just go for getting a flat chest/surgery. Although I really wish to have a low voice, I think having a high pitch voice isn’t so bad either since I too like to sing. 🙂 It’s relieving I don’t feel alone about this. Good luck in achieving your career!

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