What if Karofsky killed himself?

KarovskyWith Karofsky, you have no idea. He could join the glee club and sing a big solo as an out, proud guy, or he could go the opposite route and go home and hang himself like many people have done. Imagine that episode, that message.
Keck’s Exclusives: Glee’s Max Adler on Karofsky’s Future – Today’s News: Our Take | TVGuide.com.

Like many queer people, I once downed easily gotten poisons and hoped I would never again wake up. I, of course, survived long enough to end up making an It Gets Better Video more than a decade later.

But it was a scary, horrible and lonely time. Because being closeted means you have no possible support system when it comes to your sexuality, it is a very risky time in a young gay’s life. So it could be realistic. But, would it be Glee? What do you think?


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