Is ‘Glee’ Making Parents Frown?

Julie Flores says: I’ll admit it, I love this show. My husband, son, daughter and I all watch it together. My son is 11, and some of the subject matter might be a little beyond his years. That being said,  I would rather have an open dialogue with my kids about the topics on the show than worry about exposing them to too much. I find it interesting that society gets more upset about sexual issues than violent ones. One can see murders on television every day with little public backlash. But watch parents cringe at all things sexual.

via Is ‘Glee’ Making Parents Frown? – Mission Viejo, CA Patch.

I remember watching Degrassi Junior High with my parents. It’s not just the parents who cringe when sexual stuff comes up on the television. The kids do too. Who wants to watch stuff about sex in front of your parents?

But kids should be watching stuff about sex with their parents. My parents didn’t take the opportunity (we just sat in uncomfortable silence), but it’s a golden opportunity to talk to your kids about the images they are literally bombarded with everywhere — not just on television.

While I don’t have much time for people who will inevitably complain about the Kurt/Blaine kiss (did they complain when Karofsky assaulted Kurt? Er, no.), I can understand how some parents might be uncomfortable with the portrayal of Santana, Puck and Brittany’s generally indiscriminate sex lives but, again, it’s worth talking about.

One thing’s for sure: keeping your kids from watching Glee will not prevent them being exposed to sexual messages.


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