Glee – Vote Now! Do You Want Kurt to Return to New Directions?

Wetpaint have a poll: (incl spoilers)

Glee – Vote Now! Do You Want Kurt to Return to New Directions?.! Kurt’s character has developed so much at Dalton. Without the constant torment, he’s a softer, calmer boy than the one we met in Season 1. And he and Blaine are so great together. Also, I’ll miss the Warblers because they were pretty awesome.

But, Kurt belongs at McKinley. I’m nervous about how they’ll approach the Kurt/Karofsky thing, but they’ve managed to navigate minefields before with grace, so I’ll watch through my fingers and hope they pull it off again.

Not many bullied kids get to move to a magical anti-bullying school, and while it was a relief to see Kurt have some good happen in his life, it’ll be more interesting to see how the show thinks this situation can resolve itself.

So, yes, yes he should. And I’m dying to see some new outfits.



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