Is Santana a stereotypical lesbian?

Santana Lopez

Santana (left) is one half of the Brittana "ship"

What am I to think? Should I believe that female homosexuality is usually present in the promiscuous? Should I believe that, like all teenage boys might wish, lesbianism is simply the product of a heightened sexual drive? Is female homosexuality, unlike male homosexuality, a choice rather than a natural preference?

I don’t know if it is harder to be a teenage lesbian than a “gay boy”. I know that it’s no picnic for chaps, so should I assume it is rosy for girls? Part of me is inclined to believe it is much worse. “Fag” is something you smoke, which is a pleasurable pursuit for many. “Dyke” is something you dig, which is never fun.

The problem with Santana is that it was too sudden, it lacked intention, preparation. It also feels very temporary like she will “grow out of it”. All of that is a bit worrying and some sort of resolution would be good.

I’m not convinced Santana could really be a lesbian. But then, maybe, that’s just because I hate the thought of losing an attractive woman to the other side.

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I have to say I was surprised to read this take on Santana’s revelation. I certainly wouldn’t have pegged her as stereotypical. I mean, how many actual lesbian cheerleaders have you ever met (outside of porn?).

It was, however, extremely sudden, and I worry too that her story will not be handled with the grace we saw in Kurt’s story. The problem with a bar set that high, is that it’s set really freaking high.


4 thoughts on “Is Santana a stereotypical lesbian?

  1. I’d like to see the show address the validity of being bisexual, if not with Santana then with Britney. I would agree that Santana’s “epiphany” seemed very fast. It’s not unbelievable that someone would feel that way, but I think that a real person would either (a) come to the realization sooner, (b) come to it more gradually, (c) vacillate between sexual identities before coming to terms with one or the other, or (d) decide that zie is bisexual or pansexual. The show might go with option c, but I think that’s more likely to reinforce the misconceptions that there are only two sexual orientations, that gays choose their orientation, and that women just experiment, then grow out of it.

  2. I’m of two minds about the suddenness of it. I figured out I was gay and came out all within 3 days. So, it’s not totally unrealistic. And I never once considered I might be bisexual… as soon as the idea of sleeping with women occurred to me, there was no going back 🙂

    I’m hoping we see a genuine bisexuality from Brittany (although I’d argue we have already).

  3. I’m not sure I agree with the suddenness of it, it was pretty clear her talk was very different from her walk when it came to sex, she used it as a tool/weapon, I guess her being gay is a pretty neat explanation for that. She is not nearly as promiscuous as she is/was a manipulator that uses whatever is at her disposal to get some desired outcome, whether that’s popularity, getting back at someone else or preserving her sense of selfworth.

    To me it didn’t seem that Santana’s problem is as much that she is attracted to girls but that she loves them, this person that sees sex(uality) as something to exploit is now in a place in her where she is left vulnerable by it, since for the first time she is genuinely engaging in it. Think about what Kurt’s father says to him about throwing himself around like he doesn’t matter, and that sex does stuff to you emotionally, yeah, there is a pretty strong parallel to what is going on with Santana in that talk.

  4. I like that look at it. And, as I said, my own revelation was — at best — sudden. So, I guess what I’m saying is that it may have seemed sudden, but that’s in no way unrealistic.

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