Top 5: Kurt Moments (Glee)

Top 5: Kurt Moments (Glee) | Gays of our Lives.

Because I really, really, really cannot get enough of Kurt storylines in Glee. Neither can the blogger over at Gays of our Lives.

Also, a reason to post a pic of that epic kiss.

I know a lot of people have found fault with the Kurt/Blaine (aka Klaine) storyline. I think it’s pretty good actually. I especially like that Blaine had his “moment” when Kurt was being full-on Kurt. Special outfit, beautiful countertenor solo and all. The most important part — for me –is that they managed to give Kurt a boyfriend who adores him, and not someone who is just going out with him because it’s convenient (like many of the other pairings on the show).

I’ll add another favourite Kurt scene. You know the one in “Silly Love Songs” where he confesses to Blaine that he had thought he was Blaine’s Valentine’s crush? And then Kurt says that they’ll have to be like “When Harry Met Sally”, and he grins when Blaine cops that Harry and Sally end up together.

Oh, and then there’s the one in “Sexy” when they sing for Dalton’s sister school and Kurt is making all those mad faces. Fuck me, I just about peed myself laughing.


2 thoughts on “Top 5: Kurt Moments (Glee)

  1. I felt like Blaine’s epiphany was forced. I’m glad their together just because Kurt FINALLY has a boyfriend, so I’ll get over it, but it didn’t feel believable to me.

  2. Really? Nooooo. I thought it was lovely. In fact, when I rewatched the ep (again, again, again) last night, I was brought back to the moment when I really fell for my OH. 9 years on and the memory is amazing. And it’s silly the things that will make a person really fall for another. For me, it was really so dumb, I’ve never admitted it to anybody. So to make myself feel not so dumb, in my head, it was the tiny skull on Kurt’s suit that really made Blaine take note.

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