Transphobia in Glee: We need to talk

I had a fantastic conversation on Twitter recently with a fan who was disappointed with the cissexism and biphobia in Glee.

I’ll address both separately, because I think the instances are very separate.

While I initially thought it wasn’t all that bad, my rewatch of the Rocky Horror Picture Show episode (and some others) is making me wonder if she did indeed have a point.

I’d be interested in what other think. Being neither trans nor bi, I’m hoping for some input before I write my final verdict. 🙂



0 thoughts on “Transphobia in Glee: We need to talk

  1. well i hate glee only reading about it because i found out about the biphobic comments. Honestly i don’t care if there is bireprestation in it i just wish there was bi visibility in a show I liked. i find glee stereotypical and very camp. which isn’t very bi. If indeed we can be said to have a culture i hope its not the camp one. but yeah having found out about it i find it extremely offensive. [please see comment moderation policy re: threats of physical violence — DG]. with all the anti gay bullying stuff and all anti homophobia stuff etc we just get tagged on the end while bi bullying and erasure is a seperate and sad issue that is never addresses and deemed less important.

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