The Sex Files #6: A Feminist Gleek’s Breakup with the Show

Or was it the hypocrisy of your claims of breaking ground with episodes that served only to reinforce stereotypes?  I mean, do you think portraying Kurt, the only openly gay character (at least before Blaine arrived on the scene), as overtly flamboyant increases visibility and tolerance of gay characters on TV?  Or could it reproduce tired stereotypes, perpetuating the narrow-minded view of gay men as one-dimensional, jazz hand-waving caricatures?  (Note: the less-stereotypically-gay Blaine is still a singer/dancer, and even the deeply closeted jock Karofsky demonstrated a special penchant for choreography for the “Thriller” number in “The Sue Sylvester Shuffle” episode.)

Is having a female football coach really such a revolutionary idea when she’s portrayed as abnormally masculine — exactly what gender norms would dictate?  Is having a main character use a wheelchair all that progressive when the actor himself does not have a mobility impairment?  (And don’t try to tell me there simply aren’t wheelchair users who are also talented singers and actors or that Artie’s one scene of non-wheelchair dancing prevented the hiring of a wheelchair user, when experienced wheelchair dancers are hired as stunt doubles for Artie’s scenes regularly.)

read more: The Sex Files #6: A Feminist Gleek’s Breakup with the Show | Her Campus.

I disagree with her take on the stereotyping (difference between a neutral and a negative stereotype), but her take on the “Sexy” episode is pretty spot on.

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